Meet the Board: Regina Kort





Regina Kort

KCJMCA Title: President

Years on KCJMCA Board: 8



Regina Kort grew up in a home where classical music and the fine arts were greatly appreciated. Her parents immigrated to the U.S. after World War II, and because of her parents' European background, she was very aware of the importance of art. Of course, education was first and foremost and her parents worked very hard to make sure all three of their children received a college education. Regina graduated with a B.A. in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of Texas, and one year after graduation she married Bill and started her family. Although she didn't pursue a career in her degree area, when her children were older, Regina decided to take a job working in a retail art gallery. As time went on, she became involved in a number of non-profit organizations and presently, speak to schools and organizations about the Holocaust based on her mother's past as a survivor.


Why are you involved with the Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art?
I am involved in KCJMCA for two reasons. Eileen Garry grabbed me one day and asked me to chair the first auction fundraiser for the orgnization—it was called Under the Chuppah. The second reason is after that first involvement, I became hooked on the wonderful people who were part of KCJMCA and how they all worked together so beautifully. It was amazing to me that this special gallery was located in an assisted living facility and that it produced wonderful exhibits that were beautiful and thought provoking.

What are your favorite KCJMCA events and programs? Why?
UrbanSuburban and our art crawls are my favorite events. UrbanSuburban is always a diverse exhibit that features original art by local and national artists and the auction is a great social event situated in a space that normally would not host a party like ours. Our art crawls have given us opportunities to see private collections in peoples' homes and hear them discuss the art they have collected and why they collect.

What are your expectations for the future of KCJMCA?
My hopes for the coming year are to see KCJMCA reach out more into the community and engage more people. We need a lot more members and people who are committed to what we do.

We have given many local artists the opportunity to exhibit in this beautiful space and they are very appreciative of this. The local art community is very aware of us and we have, over the years, created a great reputation for our shows. With Marcus at our helm, we are on the track to realize our dreams and continue to be a jewel in the arts community.